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What We ManufactureIntroduction to SwiftBroadband SatCom

SwiftBroadband (SBB) is an IP-based packet-switched communications network that provides a symmetric “Always-On” data connection of up to 432kbits/s per channel for aircraft globally (except for the Polar Regions), using the narrow spot beams of the Inmarsat-4 satellite constellation. This network allows up to two channels of bandwidth, at a higher data throughput, at a lower cost.

In Standard IP Mode, the service is shared with other concurrent users of the system, providing a “Best Effort” service which can be tailored to provide pre-determined service quality through the streaming mode. In 2013, Inmarsat announced the launch of its new SwiftBroadband High Data Rate (HDR) streaming service for the commercial aviation market which now provides a bandwidth of 650kbits/s which further supports four new streaming rates – including asymmetric services.

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SwiftBroadband Services

This SBB service enables basic compression techniques and advanced customized firewall and content filtering features which allow the respective aircraft operators to block access to any unwanted websites and to high bandwidth websites such as “YouTube”, permitting the operator to take control of the content allowed on board their aircraft.

SBB also incorporates a number of technologies to reduce data usage by up to 80% over the satellite network and provides a better overall experience for the end user by utilizing advanced acceleration, optimization, and compression designed to account for latency and packet shaping considerations specific to satellite communications.

L2 STC/PMA Kits for SwiftbroadBand SatCom

L2 has integrated the latest SBB SatCom technologies by designing STC Kits and installing the latest systems offered by Collins Aerospace, Honeywell, CMC, and EMS SatCom. For those aircraft owners and operators who are interested in integrating the newest SBB SatCom technologies, L2 offers the following FAA STC/PMA Kits and Upgrades for the following aircraft types:

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