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What We DoSupplemental Type Certificate (STC) Kits and Materials

L2 Aviation maintains a significant role in the design, development, and integration of Supplemental Type Certificates to support e-Enabled, cockpit Flat Panel upgrade, SATCOM and NexGen/ATN digital avionics technologies. These are now the standard in the latest generation of commercial aircraft.

We design and fabricate our STC/PMA Kits to the specific requirements of our customer aircraft configurations. Utilizing the highest quality of materials, manufactured to the highest standards within our industry, our STC/PMA kits are recommended by the respective component OEM to ensure their successful operation under all conditions.

Product Manufacturing and Avionics Manufacturing at L2 Aviation

Build-to-Print Capability

FeaturedWhere We Have The Advantage

L2 has in-house manufacturing capability for our STC Kits. We also utilize the same resources and maintain the same quality systems in fabricating replacement wire segments, wire bundles, next higher wiring assemblies and all associated brackets associated with the rectification of discrepancies on In Service aircraft as well.

Supported by our RAMS Team, and Engineering Staff at all times, our manufacturing division produces repair/replacement parts under the authority of our FAA Part 145 Repair Station (L2ZR265X) with Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA).

In some instances, some parts are fabricated and certified through our Engineering Department Order with applicable FAA Form 8110 (or equivalent) when applicable if a non-standard repair is required.

Our Products

All of our tailored products are manufactured under the same stringent standards adhered under our Parts Manufacturing Approvals (PMA) and our FAA Certified Repair Station (L2ZR265X). Utilizing the highest quality of materials, manufactured to the highest standards within the industry, our STC/PMA Kits are recommended by the respective OEM to ensure a successful operation of their LRUs under all conditions. 

Our Product designs are optimized out in the field, continually improving our approach and refining our manufacturing methodologies, to provide you with the fastest and most comprehensive integration services available to the aviation industry today.

"It was a pleasure working with L2 and its employees. The trays and kits we ordered from L2 were very well constructed and packaged. I wish all of our vendors put as much pride and workmanship into their products and were pleasant to deal with."
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