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L2 Aviation and Software Development Alternatives Announce D-Link Repair Solution

L2 Aviation and Software Development Alternatives team up to provide solution to Spectralux D-Link operators for D-Link repairs.

D-Link Repair Solution
Figure 1: Klatt Works SAVED System

Austin, TX: L2 Aviation, a leading supplier of global avionics services including engineering, certification, installation and manufacturing announced today a solution for operators of the SpectraLux D-Link Communications System.

When SpectraLux Avionics dissolved in 2022, numerous airlines were left without a repair solution or source for the D-Link Datalink System. With over 300 aircraft in the industry potentially impacted with a diminishing supply of spares, grounding of aircraft was a real risk until now.
In collaboration with Software Development Alternatives, a repair facility with a significant stock of components has been established capable of repairing twenty or more units a month depending upon demand.

“The D-Link system is highly reliable and robust enough to operate for years to come but they do occasionally break and need software updates to remain effective”, said Dave Dodson, Founder and President of Software Development Alternatives. “After SpectraLux closed, there was no way to get repairs or updates but through our relationship with L2 Aviation, we can now have a solution.”

“We are in a unique position to team up with Software Development Alternatives as the original software developer of the D-Link system and owner of the intellectual property”, said Tony Bailey, Chief Operating Officer for L2 Aviation. “Which allows us to take our specialized teams and create an effective and reliable repair for the system which provides numerous global airlines a path to extended life operations of their fleet. For some, they may not understand the importance of this development. Imagine having your aircraft being grounded due to a lack of parts. We are now ensuring a way for operators to prevent a D-Link grounding occurrence. It’s a big deal!”

To Schedule a D-Link Repair

D-Link customers may contact L2 Aviation for d-link repair by emailing [email protected] or call +1 (512) 894-3414. L2 also offers AOG Service.

*For additional details please contact L2 Aviation at +1 (512) 894-3414 or email [email protected].