Large Display System

Large Display System (LDS) cockpit upgrades using the Collins Aerospace cockpit suite is the only fully integrated, certified and Boeing-endorsed display upgrade solution for the B757/B767 aircraft that removes all Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) from the cockpit. The LDS upgrade will help B757/B767 owner-operators avoid obsolescence issues currently associated with CRT systems. A notable feature of this L2 retrofit STC is that it provides operators with a highly efficient and flexible platform which easily allows for the incorporation of future operational and safety-enhancing technologies.

LDS Solutions

LDS solution features three large-format LCD displays that replace 6 Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays and numerous analog instruments to provide operators with several benefits, including:

• Reduced weight profile of 150+ pounds

• Removes 16 LRUs

• The only display retrofit available with engine-indicating and crew-alerting system (EICAS) data on LCD displays

• Enhanced flight crew situational awareness gained from 15.1-inch displays

• Aircraft life extension by proactively managing CRT obsolescence

• Display commonality with Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 737 MAX aircraft, which reduces required training and associated cost for air carriers with a mixed fleet

Five-fold increase in display system reliability

767 LDS Kits

• Collins Aerospace Large Display System (LDS)

• FAA STC ST01750WI; 767-200/300/300F Series

• Installation Kit Part Numbers: RC 386-0225-000 or L2 3422-B98-K01

• The relocated annunciators/switches into logical LRU panel groupings

• Diffusers/Mufflers are incorporated to maintain the Environmental Control System (ECS) backpressure and Forward Instrument Panel (FIP) equipment outflow to maintain noise within acceptable and comfortable levels.

• 82.5-pound STC Weight & Balance reduction from legacy to LDS configuration

• Boeing 767-300F production line with same supply/quality chain

• Boeing Product Integrity & Safety (PI&S) approved

• Optional Shop Aid Locators to facilitate FIP and AFD ECS installation

"Thanks for the high quality product and dedication of all L2 personnel involved in this project, it has been successfully completed with no issues and earlier than anticipated. All the technical, program management and support stuffs have been supportive, accommodative, proactive and very professional. It was really pleasure working with this kind of team and company. Once again L2 has set the bar high."

Mesfin Ali

Project Engineer