Management Team

Mark Lebovitz Mark Lebovitz

Dean Rudolph Dean Rudolph
Executive Vice President

Michelle Lebovitz Michelle Lebovitz
Vice President, Finance

Kevin Paul Kevin Paul
Vice President, Engineering Value Stream

Martha Martinez Martha Martinez
Manager, Human Resources

Johnny Alvarado Johnny Alvarado
Manager, Quality

Jim Bonilla Jim Bonilla
Manager, Production Value Stream

Michael Eiras Michael Eiras
Certification and Integration Specialist

Joe Doherty Joe Doherty
Senior Technical Fellow

David Hoey David Hoey
Program Manager

John Letlow John Letlow
Program Manager

"This project has taken us places that we never expected. The upside is, we have a much more capable product to offer our customers. We at Rockwell Collins appreciate the efforts of all involved."

Jim Bauer

Rockwell Collins